Jennifer Fisher


Designer/Owner, Jennifer Fisher, is an Austin, Texas based interior designer known for her eclectic designs that combine clean architecture with vintage and modern furniture pieces and decorative arts. She creates modern spaces that are casually elegant, comfortable, and most importantly, unique. With over 13 years of experience, Jennifer can proudly claim that she “was born to do this.” Her passion for interior design began as a young girl while watching I Love Lucy. She fell head-over-heels with the television set’s furniture and spent her days rearranging everything in her childhood home. Years later, Waldo Fernandez, one of Los Angeles’ top interior designers saw budding talent in Jennifer and decided to take her under his wing. After three years with Waldo, she became an associate at Madeline Stuart & Associates before moving to Austin in 2009. Jennifer has been named as one of Austin's 20 best interior designers for the past 2 years and continues to create some of the most uncommon homes in Austin and beyond.

Jennifer attributes part of her success to her ability to “read” her clients and understand what their style is even if they aren’t too sure themselves. Jennifer embodies her business values on building open and honest relationships through clear communication, creative thinking and a bit of adventure. When not working on design, Jennifer enjoys live music shows, spending time with her dogs, practicing yoga, and advocating for animal welfare and the environment.


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